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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 9, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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. bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> the subway rat that crawled up under a guy sitting on a subway platform and take a selfie of himself. it turns out it was a hoax. >> i got contacted by a performance artist who offered to give me $200. bill: this shatters my whole faith in the internet. >> happy to find out. >> you are hitting your target better than 87 percent. >> a criminal profile was done after we are story one of the most noted profilers in the country called us. >> do you think we are on to something? >> definitely on to something. >> we all remember this video us up to five selfie himself.
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in-depth it was actually done by reformist artist after out of brooklyn. cannibal rat and pizza fighting rat. could pizza rat, the valiant little guy, could he be a joke as well? i went to go meet eric yearwood, the costar of the selfie rat video to get to the bottom of this. >> do some stuff. >> a woman who does performance art in brooklyn. help out in jeopardy of me $200. >> what they saw was pretty incredible.
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>> trains rats, literally is able to use a clicker to get them to do different things. >> i tried to get him to look it up and could not find it anywhere. i did find rat training book. it is a thing. before we get too upset, if pizza rat was possibly a joke, the selfie rat absolutely was a hoax, pizza rat gave us the sexy pizza rat halloween costume. bill: this shatters my whole faith in the internet. the idea that you can't trust a viral video with the rat is very disconcerting. >> we all hear about people training dogs and cats, but this is interesting. rats are eminently trainable. in cambodia they are using rats to sniff out landmines. >> we are threehad three minutes and and i will have any idea what is going on. i want to find the 1st
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city bus and jump in front of it. [laughter] ♪ >> fiftieth where philadelphia police officer jesse harnett was shot late last night in the name of islam. i get a chance to talk to the local imam and this is what he had to say. >> he could have said he did it in the name of christ. what led to do it. >> very special delivery on the garden state parkway. >> there you go. keep going. keep going. >> mom and dad were driving to the hospital early monday morning when they realized it was too late, pulled to the side of the road and called 911. state troopers delivered the baby right there. >> it's a girl. >> it's a girl. ♪
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>> a simple thing to do. >> we're going to move back about 10 feet. >> went shooting. pretty happy to find out. >> is not bad. >> you are hitting your target better than 87 percent of the cops out there. >> what? >> 87 percent. >> guy who pulls me over on the turnpike. >> training at defensive security which is mel's gun consultancy. sells weapons consultancy. sells weapons by appointment only and has been getting a lot of calls. >> buying everything in sight. they are afraid that the laws will prohibit them from buying them down the road. >> and national spike in gun sales, an an estimated 1.5 gun sold in december. one reason is the executive orders president obama issued on tuesday to try and
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tackle an issue that congress can't or won't touch, gun violence. >> more politicians in the northeast that don't understand the cultures of the rest of this country and they are trying to change the culture. you cannot change culture. >> the other reason for the off the charts gun sales, sales, it is historic. there is always a spike after mass shootings. you'llyou back a couple years. 2 million guns estimated sold january 2012, the month after sandy hook. >> the tragedy that took place and talk to anyone within the culture of gun ownership, especially the dealer such as myself than they would have told you, here we go again. >> and there are other numbers. gun manufacturing scott skyrocketed on tuesday. both sides are always bringing numbers. pro-gun folks are always listing a lot of numbers, morenumbers, more than a 3rd of households in the us having guns. at the endat the end of the
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day everyone is bringing numbers to justify there side and what seems to be a never-ending battle. >> like to see my presence powerful and effective. seeing president obama cheering up over this issue was completely disheartening. he is actually helping the sales of guns because he is not addressing the real issue. the number one way guns fall into the hands of criminals is when the criminal goes with the person who is not a criminal to buy a gun and that person hands over the gun illegally purchased to the criminal. >> the pres.'spresident's executive orders are is only way of trying to address it. you don't have to like it. he signs bills that congress comes up with. congress is crippled on this. i think we are in a sad state right now. >> issues of domestic terrorism and issues like that. two. two subfields., there's a lot of talk of low hanging fruit. weather impacts violence or not the politicians can take credit for it.
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>> instead of jumping from a plane to skydive i had to do it in the wind tunnel. indoor skydiving facility that allows people to feel like they are freefalling without the whole jumping from a plane thing. when you arrive you simply talking and take a tutorial class. different hand signals of their instructors will use. the lead instructor there. tells me how the whole exploding thing. >> actually above us, going all the way around the building and coming up underneath. that is what we actually find.
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>> 's favorite part of the job is pretty simple. >> i was convinced. >> it was not too hard. is my channel, so i like very concerned. we're going to have one more hand signal command it will be this term i mean a smile. otherwise and just to look like him angry. >> so after upon some of the tunnel andrew went back in.
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take the plunge of the plane. a jumping out of the plane. >> why do it at all? >> am serious. >> this whole thing was down. >> i like this. you can do this without the risk of death. >> o humbug. you are trashing this. this is amazing. a three -year-old can skydive. >> yeah. bill: i can't believe this was controversial. >> we just fought over a thing that looks like you could do it on the weekend for fun. bill: what are you going to do? >> say hi everybody.
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>> the traffic camera in canada capture the incredible image of the snowy owl. the national symbol of québec. january 3 along highway 30. 5-foot. that's about the side. >> we finally kicked off our #segment. the one for today, we had some pretty excellent responses. declared it in style. by stay 2nd time in the candlelight with my wife. but after reading all these i did not quite grasp the
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concept. so i take one back. we decided on a #for monday. #i didn't win the lottery. >> back in 1982, born today. look at this video from scott's epic blade runner. born on january 8 20162016 and a movie that was made in 1982. right in the middle of his epic time to die speech. >> 2006, criminal profile of the strangler serial killer.
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>> hides behind that mask.
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♪ >> the entrance has been closed by police. >> on barrick and west olsen.
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as you can see, a huge police presence pulling apart the protesters connect themselves in the middle of the road. they get these bands between their arms. a protest -- a protest about immigration. been doing mass raids in the area. the same price. right now, have this happening in new york city. we want to just make it known. the wise and art class our community. >> sitting down in the middle, laying down. bill: what are they connected by? >> by these tuesday have on their arms, a lot of duct tape on them.
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>> it's a tough issue. you think about 1st responders. this doesn't help anybody. >> we do a celebration. it is also back together. my band is playing, a lot of gray pants. >> it's just a legend in the industry. >> be responsible. i think that's what he passed down to us. >> thank you. >> this guy's obviously got some issues.
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>> the story of the eastbound strangler who has never been caught in the murder case is now almost ten years old. >> you remember last month when we went to atlantic city to try and see if we could make some progress in the case of the eastbound strangler who left for prostitute strangled in a ditch outside atlantic city in 2006. >> 2,006, criminal profile was done by noted profiler john kelly. after we heard our story kelly one of the most noted profiler's in the country who has done work on the green serial profiler case called us. >> do you think we are onto something? >> something.
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>> we sat down to talk with kelly to talk about who this person could be. we needed to know more about the methodology and the mind of the eastbound strangler. >> the range of victims in and out of consciousness. by choking her out and then reviving her, these guys can portray a mask of sanity to the family, the neighbors, the people that don't get to see that, such a real nice guy, so charming. >> athe serial killers that you have dealt with wants to appear normal duties neighbors in the outside world. >> hides behind that mask of sanity. he encounters someone named giddens casco. the gunrunner who we think matches of some of those profiles. killed himself in jail and indiana.
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>> of this guys a serial killer is a person of interest in has to be learned from the case, this guy, you know, as bodies elsewhere. >> we wanted to ask him some questions, specifically involving a piece that he left in his profile that the eastbound strangler had a foot fetish. >> the reason was because the way the women were posed , their feet all higher on the embankment than their bodies. >> trying to find out more about his possible history. >> reconnecting with his family? >> john kelly says noll abuse children become serial killers but also killers were abuse children.
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>> at any given time there is about 20 different serial killers active. >> very going to reach out to any family members and anyone who might recognize a picture have the twitter and facebook information. >> ali and frazier, gonzo and muscle. >> we are in the middle of a warning trend ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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>> ali and frazier, godzilla , now coming. >> ring the bell. >> colliding. a volatile weather pattern going on in new jersey.
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>> here to break it all down for us. >> it is difficult because mother nature has been so temperamental. we are in the middle of a warming trend right now, little bit of rain this weekend. what is actually happening? >> it has to do with the temperature of the ocean. highly affecting our whether that is what brought us that warm december. which so far we have not releasing.
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>> a no-brainer that the polar vortex will when? >> is a lot going for that theory. one of the strongest we have ever recorded. obviously putting together these variables is making for a tricky forecast. bill: what about us know? >> are always interested in the snow. bill: i love the snow. >> tracking a little parts -- storm system that will move across the country. it should be here. upwards of an inch of snow by the time you wake up wednesday morning. >> i sure hope not. big fan of the warm weather myself. hopefully you can get the snow done with early and that will start to see the
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flowers and we can enjoy the summertime down at the jersey shore. >> maniac. >> getting tattoos. ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone, i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. dry for most overnight, however, the potential is there far north and west for a light wintery mix. those counties highlighted in purple you can see through early saturday morning we're looking at that threat of a little bit of ice. however, most of the action still well to the west. that will be moving in saturday night into sunday. we'll update this on "good day night into sunday. we'll update this on "good day philadelphia"
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